Friday, April 20, 2007

New Oil Paintings

Here are some of the recent oil paintings I've been working on in my studio.

Nestor the Littlest Wizard

These are acrylic paintings I did a while back of a character "Nestor the Littlest Wizard" created by myself and Will Ryan.


These are 1/32nd scale scratch built locomotives I made in my studio. Each one takes me approximately one year to complete. All are made with polystyrene, brass, wood and aluminium.

Captain Nemo Locomotive (original design)

Flash Gordon Locomotive with refueling station (original design)

Batman Locomotive (original design)

Empire State Express Locomotive

Ohio Flyer Locomotive on roller base (original design)

Reading Camelback Locomotive

F7 Hudson Hiawatha Locomotive

Fantasy Pennsylvania turbine locomotive. ( original design) S1 Duplex Locomotive
This is a consolidation locomotive I am currently modeling in 3/4"= a foot scale.
Locomotive and tender together. Detail of handmade bell & whistle for 3/4 scale locomotive in progress.

Real photos of dial faces, were reduced to fit in the small brass & acrylic gauges.

A coat of oily black paint and a little weathering, makes the locomotive and tender look real.
  The completed loco and tender are attached to the display base. The model measures 55'' long.