Friday, April 20, 2007

New Oil Paintings

Here are some of the recent oil paintings I've been working on in my studio.


rsellers said...

The new oil pantings look fantastic! Let everyone out there know about your spectacular talent!You are the Man!

Christopher Greco said...

Your work is amazing, can't wait to see more.

Les Taylor said...

Faaantastic sez Les Taylor. The exuberance and colorful subject matter has a kind of hot Latin feel to me. Loving the combination of subject matter too., Birds, pizza., and let 'er rip. A Paradise Caribbean style perhaps? Well done, and pure fun.

Gav said...

Your freaking trains are unbelievable. So are the new oil paintings...keep it up

Diana said...

Knew the artwork would be wonderful! Wish you would keep in do Dave Helton and James Craig. My son Sam lives in Lakewood and has your Frankenstein-which he stole from me! Contact me-we're getting old!Love You!

Daris Nevil said...

Fantastic 3/4 inch scale models, your photos would be a great addition to

Please reach out to me when you have a chance and lets talk about that.

IBLS Secretary