Friday, April 20, 2007


These are 1/32nd scale scratch built locomotives I made in my studio. Each one takes me approximately one year to complete. All are made with polystyrene, brass, wood and aluminium.

Captain Nemo Locomotive (original design)

Flash Gordon Locomotive with refueling station (original design)

Batman Locomotive (original design)

Empire State Express Locomotive

Ohio Flyer Locomotive on roller base (original design)

Reading Camelback Locomotive

F7 Hudson Hiawatha Locomotive

Fantasy Pennsylvania turbine locomotive. ( original design) S1 Duplex Locomotive
This is a consolidation locomotive I am currently modeling in 3/4"= a foot scale.
Locomotive and tender together. Detail of handmade bell & whistle for 3/4 scale locomotive in progress.

Real photos of dial faces, were reduced to fit in the small brass & acrylic gauges.

A coat of oily black paint and a little weathering, makes the locomotive and tender look real.
  The completed loco and tender are attached to the display base. The model measures 55'' long.


Les Taylor said...

Brilliant execution. Attention to details, the careful craftsmanship is a delight. And being a tad older, quite a trip down nostalgia lane. Thanks Jim for your efforts and quality works.

Josh said...

These are amazing, one of the guys in the shop here and I have been inspired to do some of our own fantasy creations. I'm sure we'll come no where near what you've accomplished here since we're working in HO scale. But rest assured you've been quite the inspiration. Thank You.
Josh Shedaker
Tony's Train Exchange
American Hobby Dist.

Tony said...

Truely inspirational - thank you for posting the photos.


James (J) Womack, Esq. said...

Wow. You make it seem easy, although anyone with two brain cells to rub together would no it wasn't by any means.

I'm inspired to do a bit of re-purposing of some old train models myself. Not as extensive a project as yours, of course, but still.

Absolutley fantastic stuff - I especially like the Nemo Train.

Ewerthon said...

Hello Elliott. How Are you? My name is Ewerthon Mota, a model railroader who really enjoy streamlined locomotives. Congratulations about your work. Really wounderful models. I´m interested in model in proto64 two models that you already made: NYC empire estate express and PRR S-1(my favorite loco of all). I can not found any drawing of this locos. Do you make models? If you do how much? Can you share more photos of this two models and drawings? I never build any model in my life, seems very hard. There´s a course about this? Thank you for your attention,

The EPIC train rider said...

Damn. This is AMAZING!